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Biden Administration Quietly Approves Huge Oil Export Project Despite Climate Rhetoric

The Biden administration has approved plans to build the nation’s largest oil export terminal.

Dylan Baddour - 11-28-2022

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Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council for Climate Initiatives welcomes new students

The Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council for Climate Initiatives welcomes its third cohort of 25 local youth.

The City of San Antonio - 11-28-2022

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Texas’ plan to provide water for a growing population virtually ignores climate change

Texas’ biggest single solution to providing enough water for its soaring population is climate-controversial.

Erin Douglas - 11-28-2022

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Coral reefs near Texas may not escape greater damage from climate change

Despite their favorable location, reefs in the Flower Garden Banks experienced bleaching in 1995 and in 2005.

Melissa Gaskill - 11-28-2022

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Who Were the Worst Climate Polluters in the US in 2021?

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions climbed by 4.1 percent from major industrial sources in 2021 according to the EPA.

Phil McKenna - 11-21-2022

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Texas oil and gas agency investigating 5.4 magnitude earthquake in West Texas, the largest in three decades

An increase in seismic activity in Texas has been linked to injecting fracking wastewater underground.

Erin Douglas - 11-21-2022

An airplane flies over a COP27 banner news

5 ways to turn climate talk into action

COP27 was all about implementation. Here’s how to make that happen—and it starts at the local level.

Zung Nguyen Vu - 11-21-2022

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More than 30 climate activists behind bars in UK during Cop27

More than 30 climate activists were behind bars in UK prisons during COP27.

Damien Gayle - 11-21-2022

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San Antonio's third Sprouts Farmers Market opening on the West Side this Friday

San Antonio’s West Side will is about to gain another spot to grab fresh organic produce, bulk nuts and supplements.

Nina Rangel - 11-14-2022