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Land Use

How we use and develop our land in San Antonio impacts every one of our community members. Our City is developing plans that will allow more people to live and work in our regional centers and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

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Land Use

15-Minute City

Imagine your life in a "15-Minute City." It's a place where everything you need is accesible within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. Instead of waking up to a long commute, picture strolling to the bakery for fresh bread, heading to a nearby park for playtime, and reaching your school, job, or grocery store within 15 minutes. In this city, people spend less time stuck in traffic, making their days more convenient and efficient. 

The 15-Minute City is not just about convenience; it's also crucial for sustainability. By reducing the need for frequent car journeys, we decrease air pollution, save energy, and create a healthier environment for everyone to enjoy. This way, the city becomes a greener, more sustainable place to live. The concept of a 15-Minute City would help San Antonio meet many of the goals of the CAAP including improved quality of life, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and better local food security – to name a few.

How might this look in San Antonio? Are there areas you can think of that already have everything you need within a short walk?

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Land Use

What is Your Ideal Place Type?

How we use and develop our land in San Antonio impacts every one of our community members. We look at all the different needs our City has (like housing, business, open space) today and, as our community grows and changes, in the future. San Antonio is committed to guiding our growth and development, protecting our history and resources, and promoting an equitable and sustainable city accessible to all San Antonians.

San Antonio has identified 12 “Place Types” that show different ways we can ensure that all residents living in existing and new neighborhoods have safe and convenient access to jobs, housing, and a variety of amenities and basic services including great parks, strong schools, and convenient shopping and services. Explore the Place Types to see which places you might want to live!

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Land Use

Greenway Trail System

San Antonio has a vast network of trails. In fact, the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System (Greenway) has 101 miles of developed trails and that number is only growing! 

Enjoy hiking, biking, walking, running, and other non-motorist activities along these beautiful trails for a great, emission-free way to get around San Antonio. 

For more information about current trails and those that are under construction, check out the Greenway Trails page on the City of San Antonio's website. 

If you're a cyclist and are looking for maps, rides, and trails, check out these Bike Maps.

Land Use

Using Our Land Sustainably

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