What You Can Do

Each of us have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ending climate change. Throughout the dashboard, there are calls to action in each category. Compiled here are each of those calls to action so you can quickly and easily scan the list of ways you can make a difference here in San Antonio.

Federal Tax Incentives

You've reviewed all of the amazing rebates and tax credits available and now you're ready to take action, right? Great! Here are some more resources to help you weatherize your home, install solar panels, and more!

How to install solar panels on your home
Take action on weatherizing your home to keep it more energy efficient
Energy Star wants to help you upgrade your home with energy efficient products
Interested in heat pumps? Energy Star has you covered there too.
Save on your utility bills with a home energy audit
a person installing a weather strip in a window

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

There are many ways you can reduce your contribution to San Antonio's greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out if solar energy is right for you!
Get your home weatherized for free!
Find out how to make your new home or newly renovated home green!
Start your own recycling center in your office!
person standing next to a home with solar panels on the roof

Energy and Buildings

We all need to play a role in using our natural resources more selectively. By developing our buildings and infrastructure to still perform the way we want them to while using less fuel, water, and other resources, we are making strides in the right direction. Learn more about how you can do more with less.

Find out how to make your new home or newly renovated home green!
Hire an Energy Rater to identify the biggest potential for improvements in your home!
If you need a new roof or other minor home repairs but cannot afford it, check out the assistance our Neighborhood and Housing Department can offer you.
two people installing solar panels on roof

All San Antonians have a role to play to reduce the amount of energy they consume each day. We also have choices about where we get that energy from. Learn about how the City makes it easier to use less energy and switch to renewables!

Get energy saving tips!
Find out if solar energy is right for you!
Get your home weatherized for free!
a person looking up at 2 solar workers on a roof


What Will Be Your Carbon Reduction When You Go Electric?
Learn Which Vehicles Qualify for the 2023 Tax Incentives
Find a Charger and Plan Your Trip
How to Prepare Homes and Buildings for Electric Transportation
a closeup of a plug charging a car

There are bike and walking routes all over San Antonio! Find out where they are below.

San Antonio has an interactive map that shows you where all our bike facilities are!
Find out where you can park your bike downtown!
Check out the best place for biking and walking in San Antonio.
biker in bike lane

Land Use

Learn More About 15-Minute Cities
Find a New Trail to Fall in Love With
photo of two people walking down a market street with colorful banners above

Climate Adaptation

Besides staying cool, there are a number of resources available to help each San Antonian stay ready for the challenges of a changing climate.

Find resources to protect life and property from increasing wildfire risk
Learn what to do before, during, and after a flood
Stay informed of critical emergency notifications from AlertsSA
SA Climate Ready logo

Food Systems

San Antonio has programs in place to make it easier for families to get access to healthy foods. Take advantage of these options!

Visit your local farmers market and show your support by buying local food.
Use the Mobile Mercado, San Antonio's mini grocery store, farmers market, and demonstration kitchen!
Take advantage of healthy food options near you!.
A person farming in a large field of leafy greens

Solid Waste Resources

ReWorksSA is helping San Antonio's business community create better recyclng opportunities in the workplace. 

Start your own recycling center in your office!
Get recognized for your efforts. Become a Gold, Silver or Bronze certified Company.
How much waste does your business generate?
ReWorks SA logo and photo of San Antonio skyline

Natural Resources

There are many ways each one of us can reduce the amount of water we use.

Find out to plant and maintain a low water use garden.
Learn how to identify and repair water leaks in your home!
a row of people planting low water use garden


Your San Antonio Parks and Recreation facilities have a lot to offer! Check them out today!

Find a Park Near You!
Have Your Next Party at a San Antonio Park!
Find Out What's Happening in Your San Antonio Parks!
people doing yoga outside

Each and every one of us can play a role to help improve our natural resoruces. 

Looking to test your green thumb? Try plants that need little water, provide shade and attract wildlife!
Become a Citizen Scientist and contribute to San Antonio's conservation efforts!
A person holding potted plants in both arms.